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Cherrystone remover CHERRYMAT

Cherrystone remover CHERRYMAT

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'The most efficient way to stone cherries: the cherry pitter Cherrymat stones 12 kg cherries in only one hour, whether fresh or preserved. A blade, made of stainless steel, separates the cherries into stones and fruit pulp. The cherry stone falls into the collecting container, the fruit pulp into a provided bowl. Quickly and easily to clean using running water. 3 years guarantee.


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'To conjure a cherry cake quickly on the table – no problem with the Leifheit cherry pitter Cherrymat. The practical device stones cherries as quickly as possible, whether fresh or preserved. In only one hour 12 kg fresh cherries or the volumes of 12 jars can be stoned. This is possible because of the special form of the Cherrymat. The cherries are filled into a filling bowl and roll one by one in the funnel. There, they are separated into stones and fruit pulp, without being crushed by the pressed down blades, made of stainless steel. The fruit pulp rolls into a provided bowl. The stone falls into a large collecting container, which stands on four gummed feet. At the same time the next cherry falls into the pitter. After working with the device it can be completely cleaned using running water. Leifheit guarantees for 3 years.

  • 'for the quick and easy stoning of fresh or preserved cherries
  • 'easily separate the stone from the fruit
  • 'wash thoroughly under running water
  • 'With collecting container
  • '3 years guarantee

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