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Classic Mop Set

Classic Mop Set

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Practical all-in-one floor mop cleaning set for easy and thorough cleaning without having to bend down or place your hands in dirty water. Includes the proven Classic Mop with absorbent and flexible viscose strips for excellent dirt and water absorption, even in corners and on stairs, as well as a three-piece handle, handy 12-litre bucket with spout and wringing insert. 2-year guarantee.


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Sparkling clean floors with a single wipe — the Classic Mop from Leifheit has absorbent viscose strips that remove dirt and water in a flash, leaving more time for the finer things in life. Particularly practical — the Leifheit Classic Mop is available in a set with a handy 12-litre bucket and wringer attachment for wringing the mop in an upright position. Thorough cleaning is ensured by the flexible viscose strips, which are great for wiping large areas in wavy lines, as well as quickly and easily wiping around furniture and table legs and cleaning those hard-to-reach corners. Using the Classic Mop is also a breeze. The mop can be easily wrung out in the wringer with very little effort and without having to bend down or place your hands in dirty water. Simply twist the mop head into the wringer and wring out by pressing down the handle. The viscose stripes are then as dry as if wrung out by hand. The removable microfibre mop head can be washed at 60°C. The Leifheit Classic Mop's stable handle is made of steel and has a length of 120 cm. Leifheit offers a 2-year guarantee.

  • Viscose fibres ensure excellent water and dirt absorption
  • Complete, ready-to-use cleaning kit consisting of Classic floor mop, 12-litre bucket with spout and Combi Mop attachment
  • Flexible viscose mop-head strips allow thorough cleaning in corners
  • Wringer attachment for cleaning without placing hands in the dirty water or bending down — no exertion needed!
  • 2-year guarantee

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